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The AutoGlove Hood Cover from AutoHood Media provides a New and Dynamic Approach to campaign advertising on the hoods of campaign organization vehicles and the vehicles of hundreds of supporters throughout the Metropolitan Davidson County area, converting these vehicles to “Rolling Billboards” that deliver your message directly to the voters in Nashville.  Utilizing the primary space on each vehicle, the hood, the AutoGlove provides an affordable, highly visible platform that delivers your message capturing thousands of impressions every day!

  • Most cost effective form of Out-of-Home advertising!
  • AutoGlove advertising on campaign vehicles is a “Rolling Billboard” carrying your message directly to the Voter!
  • The AutoGlove is the perfect platform to promote your campaign.  Because the AutoGlove is a removable cover & not a vinyl wrap the it is perfect for political campaigns!
  • Supporters can convert their personal vehicles to “Rolling Billboards” promoting your campaign for Mayor!
  • AutoGlove can also be utilized as a new and unique fundraising tool.
  • 97% of consumers remember seeing a specific vehicle advertisement
  • 96% of consumers notice words and pictures displayed on vehicles!
  • 98% say Vehicle Advertising creates a positive image for the advertiser!




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