• Most cost effective form of Out-of-Home advertising
  • AutoGlove advertising on corporate fleets is a “Rolling Billboard” carrying your message directly to the consumer!
  • The AutoGlove is the perfect platform to promote events.  Because the AutoGlove is a cover & not a vinyl wrap the AutoGlove is perfect for short term campaigns on event courtesy vehicles!
  • Companies can convert their employees sales vehicles to “Rolling Billboards” branding their message whether they are company owned or are the employees personally owned vehicle!​
  • 97% of consumers remember seeing a specific vehicle advertisement
  • 96% of consumers notice words and pictures displayed on vehicles!
  • 98% say Vehicle Advertising creates a positive image for the advertiser!



  • Converts dealership sales vehicles to a Rolling Billboards
  • Installs in minutes
  • Removes in seconds
  • Safe & Secure at highway speeds
  • Absolutely NO Damage to the vehicle or hood
  • Easily changed with each new branding & sales campaign
  • Advertise your Dealership on demo's in the local malls, sports venues...........
  • Advertise on your demos or on the dealerships lot
  • You own this prime Real Estate   WHY NOT USE IT!
  • Capture thousands of impressions daily

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corporate & Event


  • Converts your delivery vehicles to Rolling Billboards
  • Installs in minutes
  • Removes in seconds
  • ​Safe & Secure at highway speeds
  • Easily changed with each new sales campaign
  • Advertise on the hoods of your employees delivery vehicles. This is prime real estate - WHY NOT USE IT!
  • Employee can move the AutoGlove from one delivery vehicle to another when the shift changes
  • Capture thousands of impressions daily

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